Why Us?

Apollo Cargo Services Ltd. is an independent survey company based in Constanta - Romania.

Our strategy is to provide professional, customer focused services,cost effectively, offering alternative solutions where appropriate.The company undertakes tasks in all Romanian maritime ports such as Constanta South, Mangalia or Midia Navodari.

Apollo Cargo Services Ltd employs highly skilled and motivated surveyors, engineers and data processors in order to ensure accurate and competent service delivery, endeavoring at all times to meet our clients’ safety, quality, technical and commercial objectives.

With a highly professional staff and collective experience of over 50 years in modern surveying techniques, we pride ourselves in completing surveying projects in the upmost professional manner.
We aim to improve ourselves as a partner and constantly invest in being able to provide the best results.
Our Quality Management System has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurence to the following standards: ISO 9001:2008 - EN / ISO 9001:2008 - SR EN / ISO ISO 9001:2008 applicable in Ship & Cargo survey, Draft survey, Bunker survey.
While the bulk of the work we do is around the Port of Constanta, we have often went above and beyond for customers requiring on-site contact, surveying in a myriad of ports around the Black Sea, Danube and other destinations.


We offer a range of services including and related to cargo surveying, ship surveying, consultancy. Our expertise is varied across different verticals in the Nautical Surveying & Consultancy business, and we are happy to talk to you even if your desired services are not presented here.

Cargo Survey

The company conducts cargo condition surveys at the request of Shippers, Consignees, Shipowners, Managers, Cargo Underwriters, P&I clubs, Claim Handling companies, etc.

Bunker Surveys

Ascertaining the quantity of bunkers on board the vessels by taking ullages or soundings to the storage tanks.

Draft Surveys

Ascertaining the weight of cargo loaded or discharged by reading the drafts and computing the loaded and emty displacements.

Hold Inspection

Ascertaining the weight of cargo loaded or discharged by reading the drafts and computing the loaded and emty displacements.

Damage surveys

Ascertaining the probable cause, nature and extent of the damage to a certain commodity.


We provide consultancy services in a varienty of projects. Our vast experience and knowledge in the area of Nautical & Cargo projects will advance your project according to your needs